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The New World Scottish Dancers
A Performing Group
Emphasizing the role of Scots in California in Dance and Music

From the Gold Rush of 1849
The Cutting Edge of the 21st Century

The New World Scottish Dancers is based in Pleasant Hill, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. This exciting group performs at many different events, including Scottish Highland games, ethnic and multi-cultural festivals in Northern California, and other events with a Scottish flavor.   Gold Rush Dancers. Taken by Lori, at Monterey Games 2003
Dancing in Gold Rush California
Photograph taken by Lori Howard.

Modern Dancers. Taken by Sheila, at Pleasanton 2002
Dancing on the Cutting Edge of the 21st century.
Photograph taken by Sheila Sousa.



Our repertoire includes traditional as well as modern country dances, step dances, and Highland dances as they might have been danced in California past and present. While the NWSD is eclectic in its use of music, we tend to favor the sound of California musicians and bands.

For more information e-mail us or contact information can be found here.